Wa Teachers Agreement 2017

The WA Teachers Agreement 2017: What You Need to Know

The Western Australian state government and the State School Teachers’ Union of Western Australia (SSTUWA) signed the WA Teachers Agreement 2017 (WATA 2017) in February 2018, after months of negotiations. The new agreement covers more than 17,000 public school teachers, education assistants, and school support staff in the state.

Here are the key features of the WATA 2017:

1. Pay increases

Under the new agreement, teachers and support staff will receive an average pay increase of 7.5% over three years – 2.5% per year from 2017 to 2019. This increase is above the inflation rate and aims to address the wage gap between WA teachers and their counterparts in other states.

2. Reduced workload

The WATA 2017 includes measures to reduce teachers’ workload, such as reducing the number of required assessments and streamlining administrative tasks. The agreement also includes provisions for better training and support for teachers to improve their professional development.

3. Improved work conditions

The agreement includes a range of measures aimed at improving the work conditions of teachers and support staff, such as increased job security, better access to leave entitlements, and enhanced provisions for managing work-related stress.

4. Changes to class size limits

The WATA 2017 introduces changes to class size limits for primary school classes, with a reduction from 27 to 24 students per class, and for high school classes, a reduction from 25 to 23 students per class. This change will help teachers better engage with individual students and provide better support for students with special needs.

5. Enhanced early intervention for students

The new agreement includes provisions for early intervention programs that provide targeted support to students who are struggling in their studies. This includes additional resources and support for students with disabilities, mental health challenges, and other learning difficulties.

Overall, the WA Teachers Agreement 2017 is a positive step for the education sector in Western Australia, with the aim of improving the work conditions, wages, and professional development opportunities for teachers and support staff. This improved work environment will ultimately benefit students by providing a better quality of education and support for their learning.