Cemex Credit Agreement

CEMEX is one of the world`s largest building materials companies, operating in over 50 countries. Recently, the company announced a successful refinancing of its credit agreement, securing over $4.3 billion in new commitments from a group of 20 international banks.

The credit agreement is a key component of CEMEX`s financial strategy, providing the company with flexible access to capital to support its operations and growth initiatives. This latest refinancing is an important milestone for CEMEX, as it enables the company to optimize its capital structure and extend its debt maturity profile.

Under the new credit agreement, CEMEX has access to a $1.5 billion revolver facility, a $2 billion term loan, and a $800 million multicurrency revolving credit facility. The facility was oversubscribed by existing lenders, as well as new participants, demonstrating the confidence of the financial community in CEMEX`s business model and long-term prospects.

The refinancing process involved a careful review of CEMEX`s financial position, as well as a comprehensive negotiation with the lending group. The company`s strong market position, diversified portfolio of businesses, and commitment to sustainability were key factors in securing favorable terms and conditions.

The new credit agreement includes a number of sustainability-linked metrics, reflecting CEMEX`s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and promoting social responsibility. The company`s progress towards these metrics will be monitored on a regular basis, with financial penalties for non-compliance.

Overall, the successful refinancing of CEMEX`s credit agreement is a testament to the company`s financial strength, operational excellence, and commitment to sustainability. As CEMEX continues to expand its global footprint and invest in new technologies, this credit facility will provide the necessary capital to support its growth and innovation.